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How to set SMART Goals!!!

Let’s talk Goal Setting!

Goals are important in life. They give us purpose and motivation to be better and to be the person we want to become!

Creating SMART goals for yourself, means they should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and have a Timeframe!

Specific - be direct. Have a detailed explanation of your goal. What exactly do you wish to accomplish? Why? How?

( Ie.. I want to lose 10kg by Christmas Day to, by going to the gym x5 / week, and hitting my calorie and macro goals everyday by eating 1800 cal / day).

Measurable - How will you measure your success? (Ie., scales, clothing sizes, measuments, callipers, tracking my macros/ calories, tracking my workouts).

Attainable - Is this an achievable goal for you right now? Do you have the resources? Help you need? Dedication? Time to put towards achieving this?

Relevant - Your goal needs to be relevant to YOU... And only YOU! Does this fit into your interests? Does it align with you and who you want to be? (Mentally? Physically? Emotionally?)

Timeframe - you need to set a deadline! When will you achieve this by? Set a completion date for yourself! That way you know you have achieved your goal... or you haven’t... Simple.

Working on a goal isn’t really about chasing the goal... It’s about building, creating & adopting the habits that create the person you need to be to get to your goal!

You want to be a marathon runner??? Get in the habit of running long distance, & longer every day.

You want to lose weight? Consume less calories every day (create a calorie deficit).

Don’t just wish for your goals! WORK for them! It’s not magic, it’s consistent work, a livestyle that you need to create for yourself. You need to make changes and get uncomfortable if you want to see results! Nothing happens inside your comfort zone! Step outside! Challenge yourself! AND honestly, the biggest changes come from the smallest successes! Build the daily habits that will create your personal success! Become the person you want to be - by living like them! Habits = a livestyle , Livestyle = long term success!

Have a purpose, live with a purpose, train with a purpose. But most importantly I think everyone needs to be ready to adapt, change & overcome. Sure your intention is to set yourself up for success everyday, But, the reality is.... SHIT HAPPENS! There will be days that just don’t go your way. Accept it, learn from it & move forward.

You need to want it more than your best excuse. Attach yourself to the process! Not the end result!

Don’t just set goals! Crush them!

🖤 Tony

How to set SMART Goals

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