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Why am I not seeing results?

You will be the person you want to be the moment you become the person you need to be.

You are in control of your own fitness journey. Your actions, and your thoughts become your habits, your habits become your skills and your skills become your daily routine. Success is built on consistency and adherence to your work.

Are you making all the right choices and still not seeing results!??

Maybe what you are focusing on isn’t as impactful as you think...

Maybe there is a more effective way to get it done. And, likely, there is something you are missing!

Let’s break it down.

You have a goal, AND you have a plan to get to your goal!

Now, let’s reflect... What are you adhering to most? What are your priorities (in order)? What are you letting slide. Because, whatever you are dropping, is likely holding you back.

When things aren’t changing, something needs to change!!

This is my adherence list of most important factors to least important factors when it comes to seeing results in your weight loss journey (*depending on your goals, some of these factors may slightly shift positions*).

In a basic fat loss or muscle building journey - ALL are important, and, ALL play their own part. But, if you are missing something or putting more or less focus in the wrong areas you will not be as successful and you can be! Don’t neglect the “important” factors, and don’t put all of your energy into the “least” important factors.

In order, from MOST important to LEAST important:

  • Consistency is of most importance, because if you don’t practice something you don’t have the habit down and if you don’t build the habits you won’t create the lifestyle.

  • Mindset is everything. You can do anything you put your mind too. If your mind is wondering and not working with you... it’s working against you, finding a million excuses not to do something. Something new and challenging requires mental toughness, you need to want this. But work on wanting it in a positive way. Be your own cheerleader and make peace with your inner demons.

  • Calories are units of heat energy. They are important to help you reach your goals. Food is fuel. A surplus of calories = weight gain. Maintenance calories = maintenance weight (*base line calories*). A calorie deficit = weight loss. You need the correct number of calories to help you gain or lose weight.

  • Weight Training is the key to building muscle. Weight training will not only help to create muscular hypertrophy, muscular strength and muscular endurance... it also helps strengthen your skeletal system, and helps to increase your BMR, and aids in burning more calories.

  • Sleep is often neglected, and one of the most important factors in muscle recovery and overall body function and restoration. Your body recovers when it sleeps. Your natural GH (growth hormone) levels rise back up. You create a state of rest and digest, where your parasympathetic nervous system takes over. Proper REM sleep is crucial for resetting your vital organs and hormone regulation, as well as cleansing your body of toxins and high stimulus output.

  • Hydration is important for your body to function at maximum capacity. Your body is made up of 60% water. Your muscles are made of 79% water. Water helps your body break down food, absorb nutrients, delivers oxygen through your body, lubricates joints, aids in cell growth & reproduction, regulates body temperature, and transports waste material out of your body.

  • How much water do I need per day? = weight (in lbs x 2/3) = ounces of water + *Plus (every 30 min of exercise = x12 ounces). Therefore, I weigh 72kg (x2.2= 158lbs) = 158 x 2/3 = 105 ounces + 12 + 12 (=1 hour exercise/ day) = 130 ounces / 33.8 (to get Litres) = 3.8 L / day.

  • Cardio Training is exercise to help improve the cardiovascular system and also aids in weight loss. A lot of the time - too much emphasis in a fat loss journey is spent doing cardio training (vs dieting, and weight training). Cardio can be done in steady state (a constant heart rate % of your max HR). 60-70% is Low Intensity SS (fat burn zone), 70%-80% is Moderate Intensity SS (endurance zone/ Aerobic). 80%-90% is High Intensity (Anaerobic zone). 90%-100% is maximum performance and speed. HIIT (high intensity interval training) should be completed in your Anaerobic zone (+80%). All types of cardio aid in calorie burn and weight loss.

  • Macronutrients are what your food calories are made up of. Protein, Carbs and Fats are your 3 macronutrients. Protein & Carbs = 4cals / gram. Fats = 9cals / gram. The composition of your food is broken down into these categories.

  • Protein - is important for tissue repair, muscle growth, making enzymes, building hormones, skin, hair, & blood, and fat burn (as it has a greater TEF - thermic effect of food).

  • Carbs- give body energy to burn energy (fuel, fibre) readily stored in muscles and allow protein consumed to be used for tissue synthesis.

  • Fats- help the body absorb vitamins & minerals, insulate your body, regulate hormones and protect your organs (good fats = monounsaturated and poly-unsaturated, unsaturated fats, bad= trans fats, saturated fats). *good* are typically liquid at room temperature.

  • Micronutrients are vitamins and minerals. Humans must obtain micronutrients from food as they are essential for the human body. Vitamins & minerals are vital for immune function, brain development, growth, and many other important bodily functions. These nutrients can act as antioxidants and can play a crucial role in fighting and preventing disease. Vitamins help with energy production, immune function, blood clotting and other functions, while minerals are important for growth, bone health, fluid balance and other bodily processes.

  • Supplements come into play to help bridge the gaps. A supplement can help provide nutrients (either extracted from food sources or are synthetically made) in order to increase the quantity of their consumption. They are not a crucial factor in your fitness journey they will aid in the areas you are deficient in and/or want to improve on. They should be used to supplement a healthy, balanced diet. They will not do the work for you. But they will aid to improve results, especially if your body is undergoing strenuous amount of exercise and you need ample recovery and regeneration of vitamins/minerals.

🖤 Tony

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