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5 Steps to a better morning routine

Want to be more productive in the mornings?

Here are 5 steps to include in your morning routine for a better and more successful start to the day!

  1. Do NOT touch your snooze button. As soon as your morning alarm goes off, that should be your time to wake up and start your day!

  2. Spend a couple minutes focusing on gratitude. What are you grateful for? Put some positive and wholesome thoughts in your head to start your day with good vibes, and with a healthy mind

  3. Practice a regular hygiene routine. Shower, brush your teeth, wash your face, comb your hair, get dressed with a purpose to look and feel your best. Do the things you need to do to feel your best.

  4. Stretch and move your body. After laying horizontal all night your body will be tight and stiff. Get into a regular routine of stretching your muscles and moving your body to help create more blood flow. Even if its only 3-5 quick minutes.

  5. Drink water! Your body is sufficiently dehydrated upon waking up first thing in the morning. Water will help your body wake up, and bump start your metabolism for the day!

Love Tony

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