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Create an environment conducive to your goals!

The environment in which you surround yourself with has a direct correlation to the effectiveness of you achieving your goals!

Look around you... Are there temptations in sight? Are there easy ways out from doing what you said you would do? Are there things that just don’t belong?

Your environment will give you direction, productivity, motivation and the energy you need to enforce success.

You are a victim to your environment! Your body will adapt to what you surround yourself will. Not just materialistic things, but the people and the thoughts you surround yourself with too! Your mind, your body and your soul travel together on your fitness journey. Don’t let them down. Give yourself a happy place to live.

Everything and anything around you should give you the tools you need to succeed ...or to fail.

Get rid of (or hide) the things that don’t help you (junk food, soda, alcohol, high calorie foods that you can’t resist, negative thoughts, negative people) Out of sight = out of mind. Sure, things in moderation are fine and even encouraged to give you balance, but don’t make them easily accessible!

In turn, make sure the things you NEED are easily accessible (fruits, veggies, prepped meals, water bottles, & healthy food, snacks that will help you achieve your goals)!

Make an area to sit on the floor to practice mobility, stretching, etc (rather than plopping your butt on the couch). Have bands, massage balls, foam rollers, and other items you need to create a successfully routine. All aspects of fitness are required for maximum results. Fitness isn’t just in the gym. It’s whatever you make it, it’s your daily livestyle!

Pack your bag, meals, gym clothes, shoes ahead of time! If it’s ready, so are you!

Make your bedroom a sanctuary for sleeping! Don’t fill it with distractions that will cause you to inhibit your sleeping patterns. No bright lights, limit phone activity before bed, don’t eat heavy meals right before bed. Choose a calming alarm that will wake you up in a good mood & ready to attack your day.

Surround yourself with positive, likeminded people. Peer pressure can be difficult to overcome, especially when you are making new changes to your life. Trying to get rid of old, bad habits is not going to be easy! You will have days where you feel weak mentally, physically and emotionally. But it’s how you overcome these days that will turn you into the person you want to be. Send good vibes and attract good vibes ✌🏾. Don’t let that bad energy soak up your life. Be around the people that make you the best version of yourself!

Surround yourself with a healthy environment, for your mind, your body and your soul!

🖤 Tony

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