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Eat Well & Feel Good!

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! ...ever heard this saying? Well, it’s true!

You are made up of cells and what you put into your body will make up your body’s cells!

Your physical, mental and emotional well-being is directly affected by the things you feed your body... AND this is not just food! This includes: your thoughts, desires, actions, ideas, fear, doubts, self affirmations, stress, etc.. these will affect the make up of your cells.

Things enter your body, (willingly or maybe unwilling) and they will either do you some good, or can have some negative affects on you as a whole (mind, body & soul).

Think about it... the air you breath, the scents, smells, pollutants around you, the creams and lotions you put on your body, the soap you use, the quality of food you eat, the drinks you drink... everything is absorbed into your body and broken down or eventually expelled.

So, let’s be mindful on what you allow into your body.

You have probably noticed that when you eat clean (whole foods/ single ingredient foods) your body responds by feeling good, functional, responsive and energized. When you eat processed, “dirty” foods, you are allowing ingredients in your body that your body is not used to breaking down. Sure you will have an instant surge of dopamine hit you and you feel great as your are eating that chocolate bar or chips. But, once that sugar high crashes, you are filled with regret of eating something you know wasn’t going to be good for you, and your body goes into a state of hypoglycaemia, from jacking your insulin levels and making your internal organs work harder to function properly.

How you choose to fuel your body says a lot about what you think about yourself. No amount of exercise can counter-act this process.

Putting good, clean, “REAL” food in your body will benefit you in so many ways!

You will:

  • Think clearer, increased brain function

  • Strengthen immune system

  • Have more energy

  • Have a better digestion response

  • More efficiently convert food into fuel (Your cells can function properly and efficiently do what they need to do: Replicate, rebuild, transport, connect, reproduce, excrete, secrete and metabolize).

  • Have a healthier metabolism

  • Have better gut health

  • Have clearer skin

  • Reduce the risk of cancer (free radicals)

  • Decrease your inflammatory response

  • Decreases the risk of chronic diseases

  • Positively affect your mood

  • Delay the effects of aging

Eat “real” foods, and let your body feel good inside & out!👌🏾

🖤 Tony

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